Unscripted, unprompted compliments from our clients.

“Fireworks was not retro-fitted from another tech arena … this meant it ‘spoke our language’ … it was, and is, a tremendous value. We see a long future with this product and company.”

– Chris Beiswanger, Director of Admissions, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

“Fireworks has saved us hours of time by automating our communication flow and daily imports that we previously had to run manually. In addition, the duplicate checker in this system found duplicates that our previous system could not find. We are now able to devote more time to recruiting students and are getting results: our applications were up by 6.6% and our admits were up by 14.6%.”

– Mark Meydam, Director, Enrollment Operations and Technology, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

“The best decision we made implementing a CRM and new application for admission was partnering with Fire Engine RED. It really is a partnership. To me, our project manager and her team have become an extension of my admissions staff and have been with us every step of the way. They understand admissions and recruitment and I can’t imagine not working with them.”

– Gretchen Foster, Admissions Director, Western Nebraska Community College

“Fire Engine RED is a terrific company who seems to be moving in a good direction, not resting on laurels but continuing to improve your product. We’ve been very pleased with our interactions with your company.”

“Thank you for your help! This new feature could not be more timely. So many people are visiting but also changing their appointments this time of year. It’s a great feature to be able to send new confirmations to both emails with a simple, idiot-proof set of clicks. Really, really love it.”

“I couldn’t find an email product that would allow me to email search lists until I found you guys.”

“Fire Engine RED is also an excellent product at an affordable price and quick implementation time. I love they are not pushy.”

“Thanks for your kind email! I knew you folks were great at getting us with the right people. I’ve raved about your software and the very agreeable way your company has worked with us in the past.”

“I was wondering if you could give us another look at this next week. I’d like to show our VP and our Director for Admissions. Sorry to make you repeat it, but I haven’t looped them in [on] these demos because they are usually disappointing – until now!”

“We’ve taken some satisfaction, on the day we went live with Fire Engine RED Event Manager, in receiving the message below about all the problems with the [other company’s] product that we are NOT using. I told my staff that the money we spent on your product is the best money we’ll spend all year long. Thank you for a reliable, easy-to-use, affordable product.”

“Thank you so much – I am going into the meeting tomorrow to recommend that we get our act together and sign again with you guys … your system is one we know and can continue [with] seamlessly. Again, you guys rock. I recommend you to everyone I know.”

“Can you please pass along my thanks to whoever created a way for us to manage our own saved import sessions?”

“Thank you very much. And I just finished the payment. I really enjoy the application system.”

“I LOVE that you can add a note when sending test emails. This is a fabulous feature.”

“We’ve been using Fire Engine RED for a year and we’re very happy with the product. Setup and implementation was fast and easy (we needed to rapidly switch from another product that was no longer meeting our needs due to a platform switch) and your support has been stellar.”

“You guys never fail to meet my needs. Thanks so much from a technical delinquent!!!!!”

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate you doing this on such short notice. It’s times like these that I am glad we continue to use Fire Engine RED for our chat service provider.”

“Love it – and so easy to use and train my staff to use!”

“I don’t feel like I’ve mastered the software by any means, but I feel very comfortable with it! Kudos to Fire Engine RED for making Extinguisher so intuitive!”

“We love working with Fire Engine RED. Emma and Laura have been fantastic!”

“You have a great team and a great product!”

“You guys are doing a great job – love your products!”

“We’ve been very pleased with your product.”

“You guys are the best! I have fought off for years suggestions to use other email marketing products and I have [always] supported FER! Now I have another reason why!”

“We would not have been able to get this out in record time without you and the rest of the Fire Engine RED team. You’ve strengthened my already strong impression of FER and its commitment to high-quality products and services for its clients. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you’re ever in need of an institution to test pilot any future products.”

“Your folks are great! Client Care has been super-helpful to me as [I’m implementing the] email manager module and equally great with some changes we needed made to bring cohort MBA into our grad app Extinguisher.”

“Please pass along my gratitude to the entire team for all your efforts over these last years. Our relationship with Fire Engine RED has been a great benefit to the University (27,000+ graduate applications in 20 months don’t lie!) and that relationship is as strong as it is largely because of the support we’ve received from the entire firm. You have great products and great people, which is all you need.”

“Love it!!! I’m really excited about the next couple of releases and what you guys have in store. THIS is why I love Fire Engine RED!”

“I love Fire Engine RED! I have been completely satisfied with all of my interactions with every member of your staff. Everyone is organized, creative, and very professional. The tools that you offer to clients are so great. I know if it is a product that you are offering, it will work and work well.”

“I’ve always been a big fan and strong supporter of Fire Engine RED. We’ve been a client since 2008 and use mainly the event management system and also a little bit of the campaigns. I have nothing but positive things to say. Highlights include amazingly fast customer service.”

“As a client, I definitely enjoyed working with Fire Engine RED.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you both and all of the incredibly helpful and responsive team at Fire Engine RED (and watching the company grow over the past 4 years!).”

“We’d like to thank you for all of your hard work helping us implement Email Response. Now that we’ve used it for several months, we can’t imagine how we ever managed without it! The templates make answering emails a snap and for the first time, we’re able to track and measure this form of communication. We’re also enjoying our new Event Manager, and while we’re still learning the ropes, we’ve been pleasantly amazed at the potential of this powerful new tool.”

“I’m happy to share our Fire Engine RED perspective. 1) Customer service and technical support: outstanding, responsive (even early evenings, and in one instance even a weekend). No complaints. Great relationships with all members of FER team. 2) Campus visits are huge recruit and yield initiatives: We receive 30,000+ visitors annually. We use FER Events for registration, email, reminder email, check-in, attendance data, email with customer satisfaction survey, etc. We also use FER Broadcast Email for invites, reminder invites, etc. too. 3) We have renewed annually since 2006. We purchase 1.5 million+ emails annually to support our robust comm. stream. I’ve looked at other systems with much larger price tags, FER offers great products. FER is always enhancing and updating features and functions based upon customer input. I’ve even recommended a few modifications and they have pushed them out to all clients. 4) Their web application is like having an additional staff member on the team. Very easy to set up, use, edit, query, etc. No hesitation when training someone to assist, use or build new instances. Campus Visit Coordinator admits he is not a techie and he is very comfortable with using it daily. Reduced our web development time and email comm. stream development time by days!”

“Thanks for all your help. We’re really excited about the new tool.”

“The good news is that EVERYONE seems to love the new application. Our VP just stopped in to rave about it. So, more kudos to your team.”

“In honor of launching our new web app with us today (and senior search project tomorrow), we gave small fire trucks to each member of our team involved in the project, and the VP invited all admissions staff to his office for some RED HOTS candies.”

“Thank you, Robert, Emma, and Shelly. I’m very pleased with the outstanding service I’ve received already – it’s refreshing!”

“Our graduate application is looking great, and Laura has been fantastic (and very patient with me) throughout the build. I can’t wait to see the finished product!”

“Little did I know at that time how much FER would become a part of my day-to-day work. I have found the software to be very user friendly and a great resource for us here in the school. But that’s not really why I’m writing to you. I’m sure most days you hear about the issues or problems that institutions or individuals might be having with the software etc. Getting us set up was a breeze and working with Emma on that process was great and the training she provided was not only helpful and informative, but incredibly supportive. Since then the client care team has been working with me on a weekly basis and in some cases daily for a week or so to help figure out some problem spots, solve problems, do some mini-training … create special text in the software, I could go on and on about what they’ve done. So often today in businesses and particularly in technical businesses customer service seems to have taken a backseat or gone away completely. I can’t tell you how many times in 18 years of working in Higher Ed and working with companies who provided software for databases I’ve had to use who were completely unhelpful and in some cases totally apathetic after you purchased their product. Well, I can say that’s not the case with FER! The client care team has been a generous, helpful, reliable, quick, efficient, resourceful, diligent, responsive, and just a downright NICE group to work with on our issues and getting set up with FER. It is often rare to come across such dedicated customer service today and I am grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with you. I’m probably more of a fan of FER because of the client care team than any of the capabilities of the program so far. They have made me a fan of the company and the software! They are a valuable asset to FER and I could not speak more highly of our experiences!! Thanks for FER we are finding it a great resource and hope to share our success with the rest of our campus.”

“I love email analytics and Fire Engine RED.”

“Just wanted to say I love the new changes to Fire Engine RED.”

“Thanks for the references. I’ve spoken to at least 4 of them and not only did they have great things to say about your company but they were probably 4 of the nicest people I’ve ever spoken to in my life.”

“We’ve been very pleased with Fire Engine RED.”

“We are excited to be working with you.”

“I just wanted you to know that schools have been calling me for a reference for Fire Engine RED! It is a privilege to tell others about our experience with the company. Thank you for making it so easy to compliment and encourage others to work with you.”

“You have been an excellent resource for us.”

“You guys rock!”

“I want to tell you how highly I think of your company. Your product is fantastic and your service is without peer. Well done!”

“Thank you for being such great partners – you guys are really a big part of our success. It’s hard to find the right vendor to work with, but we really feel like we got lucky with you guys.”

“I am amazed by the support I received last week when trying to get [university]’s campaigns completed. Thank you for your help on Wednesday; thank you to the others who worked so hard to get the emails delivered quickly on Friday; and thank you to Emma, who called me at 11:35 PM on Thursday night, because they could tell that I was having trouble getting some records updated. Amazing. You guys are AWESOME!”

“Wow, everyone at Fire Engine RED is awesome at what they do. You built the web forms, put in the [other company] formatting, tweaked this-and-that a bit, and the whole thing is up and running without a glitch.”

“Fire Engine RED was one of our key strategic initiatives in the last two years and it has paid off!”

“With the introduction of the Senior Search campaign with Fire Engine RED, my staff has been able to spend much more time working with, and getting to know, their applicants rather than trying to get inquiries to apply. Not only has our application completion rate increased nearly 20%, but the quality of our applications has also improved.”

“We have almost 7,700 apps for the class of 2018! Our goal was to top 7k for the first time, and we blew by that at 7:30pm on deadline day. Our new record is 15% above last year’s record, and 3rd record in a row. We are now digging in to see what really worked for us. Without a doubt, Fire Engine RED played a role in this success.”

“I just wanted to take a moment on behalf of our team to say thank you for the great support you provide both to our team and to our applicants. Without fail, your responses are timely, friendly, professional, and helpful. You help us look good and promote the exceptional care and service we strive to deliver to the students, educators and communities that we serve. We appreciate you all.”

“Thanks to Fire Engine RED, our deposits are up 30% over last year this date and about 40% over prior-prior.”

“We really like how different the messages are … and yet they all sound like us.”

“It takes a village and we sure do appreciate our partnership with the great Fire Engine RED team!”

“Thanks so much for the update on our PSAT and plan launch. This is very encouraging information. With more than 2/3 of the recipients opening on a mobile device, it makes it that much more evident that the responsive design was an important component of our search this year. All around this is great news.”

“This is no surprise to me, but the Fire Engine RED team we have on our search project is absolutely phenomenal! We reviewed creative and copy today; very impressive, particularly with only one week turnaround time. The other folks in the room are very happy so far, especially with the professional nature of everyone involved. Like I said, I expected nothing less. I’m excited to watch the results come in after our campaign launches.”

“Thank you for all the time you’ve spent with us. It really feels like a partnership with you. Our previous Search vendor used that phrase but it never was one. THIS really is!”

“In terms of the great messaging that’s harmonious with our messaging, and then the consistent engagement that we’re seeing, and STILL having returns be higher even with fewer names – we’re very, very pleased.”

“Do take this as the highest compliment: I really do enjoy working with you and Fire Engine RED, having worked with another vendor in the past! Thank you.”

“We are THRILLED with the results of the summer project so far – it exceeded our original expectations. We were hoping to see a few hundred inquiries which would generate around 50 applications for [the] summer program. The project so far has generated 1,335 inquiries and around 100 applications. I thought you would appreciate this small success.”

“The results are really great so far. You helped us get out a lot earlier – and that has helped, too.”

“We’ve been very happy with the work we’ve done together and I would be pleased to discuss this with others.”

“Great work FER team. Rock stars.”

“Fire Engine RED has been great for us and you all have been a wonderful support system for us.”

“I just have to say how everyone here absolutely loves working with you all. We can’t say enough how dismal our experience with our former vendor was and how pleased we are with the work Fire Engine RED does for us.”

“Wow! This really is great news. We are thrilled with the results that we’re seeing. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and doing such a great job with your follow-up. Looking forward to talking soon.”

“I am excited and hopeful.”

“Great stuff! Excited we are off to a much better start than last year! Let’s hope that this continues. I will let you know if we have any questions as we dig a little more. Thanks!”

“The numbers look fantastic! For me, though, the most exciting thing is the immediate feedback from you. I am not sure we have ever had this much information, and certainly not this quickly! Thank you!”

“I’m obviously thrilled with what we’re seeing.”

“Thank you to everyone on this message – you all made this possible! I want to particularly thank our friends at Fire Engine RED. From a handshake over the phone to early morning and weekend work, you have upheld your commitment to doing whatever was necessary to meet an ambitious timeline. And my colleagues, short-staffed and harried by the time of year, have dug in and produced in a similar fashion. Of course, the real measure of this project will be if it produces the students (enrolled students, that is) that align with our institutional objectives. It will be years before we populate that scorecard, but for now, I’m very pleased by what we have accomplished together.” 

“These are encouraging numbers. I am so thankful we were able to run the campaign within the responsive design implementation. Thanks again for keeping the numbers in front of us.”

“This is a tremendous start! I trust the results will continue throughout the campaign.”

“Thanks for the updates. This is great news and very helpful information.”

“This is wonderful news. Thanks so much for your help!”

“Thanks for the updates on our launch that both of you have provided. It looks great so far, and thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf!”

“Thank you for the report. This is fantastic news!”

“Awesome news! Thank you!”

“Far beyond my expectations! Thank you so much. This is the first time in ages that we have done a junior-sophomore search; people before me chose travel over marketing. My budget was cut this year, but I sure wasn’t going to give up this campaign.”

“Thanks for the update.”

“We are VERY pleased! Thank you for staying with us as we/you made adjustments to our program!”

“Last night my son got one of the new search emails. He is pretty nonplussed about all the marketing he’s been receiving from colleges, and I think he was prepared to make light of [university]’s attempt to engage him. But his response was: ‘This actually looks pretty great. Most schools just send a bunch of text.’”

“So glad you are a data geek! I love the updates.”

“I am so glad we have a strong start! Love the mobile device stats, too.”

“Many thanks for this update. I’m thrilled to hear how well things are going in the first 22 hours. I look forward to seeing what the next few days bring!”

“Very helpful! Exciting! Fantastic! Keep ’em comin’!”

“This is really terrific news, thank you so much for the update! We are very pleased with these early results and appreciate your collaboration.”

“I want to extend a big thanks to Nichole and the folks she worked with last week to send an email to our Senior Search records about our application deadline extension. Nichole reached out to me to inquire about sending one more message on Thursday afternoon and we turned it around to send out the email on Friday afternoon. As I look at the report on this last ditch message to SAT and ACT names who never showed any interest in us, the 14% open rate and .97% click-to-open rate is quite impressive. Thanks to you for giving your team the freedom and flexibility to work with your partners in this way. And, once again, a big thanks to Nichole and team!!” 

“The email looks great, and our webmaster tracked over 300 hits to the website in the first 90 minutes. Pretty exciting stuff!”

“Thanks for the highlights. I will look at the actual reports tomorrow. It would appear that the predictive model investment we made is showing a quick ROI.”

“This is perfect! Thank you so much for your quick response and help. You are so great to work with!” 

“It is so great to be working with a team that has such fresh creative talent.” 

“I just wanted to re-iterate how pleased we are with the creative side of this project. Please tell your team they’ve done a great job!”

“This is uplifting and makes me feel good about things to come.”

“Sophisticated design moves. This is really a smart choice.”

“The results are stunning really. This stuff is sooo exciting to report to other people on campus.”

“Love this team!”

“We really appreciate the personal attention and consultation – it’s what we didn’t get from [other company].”

“We love the engagement rate. It’s exactly why we chose you – your approach to looking at the results.”

“Fantastic job all! Your attention to our brand is very much appreciated!!”

“Greetings! I am writing to you because I want to let both of you know how pleased we are to be able to let you know that we have made the decision to partner with Fire Engine RED! Perhaps you remember me from my days of working with Fire Engine RED while I was on staff at [university], but I have recently moved up the street to serve as the VP for Enrollment Management at [university]. Your culture of collaboration, teamwork and yes was always evident! Thank you so much!!”

“This whole week has been crazy! For the Search potion of it, I am grateful to have you guys to tell me what to do. I wish I had that for the rest of my job! Thanks so much for your guidance and quick response!”

“You are not only a king, you’re awesome.”

“I passed along very minor suggestions, but I just want to say what a terrific job you guys did on these – completely well wrought, and displaying a clear sense of our 17-year-old audience. Thanks for great work!”

“I want to thank you and everyone on your team. I think these came out really well this year. You all did an exceptional job incorporating the new brand.”

“I have not yet done the detail reading of these emails, but I want to say they look awesome.”

“The Big Boss is very pleased with the look and feel of this campaign. I’m very pumped about the early launch. FER is a potential difference maker. I’m excited to show these metrics to the Boss.”

“I want to say how terribly impressed we are. The tone, the look, the feel – just outstanding.”

“You are light years ahead of where we have been this early in the process with anyone else.”

“How much more vibrant this is. You are raising something from the dead. Before it was just flat email but this talks in an unbelievable way.”

“You have channeled it beautifully for us. We are really excited about this improvement.”

“I’ve been very impressed with the first impressions that Fire Engine RED has made with us. You’re all very organized, creative, and we’re very excited to be working with you.” 

“Good job on the search launch. We’ve been impressed by your team. First class.” 

“Tell Shelly, this is Awesome, Awesome Awesome!”

“You knocked it out of the park.”

“I was jumping up and down when I saw the email design today.”

“I Love Love Love the print.”

“You made magic happen again!”

“First of all, I want to say ‘Wahoooooo.’ I thought yesterday’s meeting went great! We are all legitimately excited about the new creative ideas for search next year. I could have fallen out of my chair when [client]’s face literally lit up. So, kudos to you and your team.”

“You will earn a high place in heaven, Glenna.”

“I just wanted to shoot you a quick note because I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of vendors through the years and especially this year as we’ve updated a lot of our processes. Fire Engine RED has far and away provided the best overall experience to date.”

“We like your expertise, and it is proven.”

“Your team is working magic right now.”

“Design and copy did a great job. Kudos to you because you did an awesome job picking up our messaging and look and feel. You’ve made my life very easy.” 

“You guys rock our socks! Happy school year!”

“Thank you! It will be a great Thanksgiving present leading us once again to be very thankful for our great partners at Fire Engine RED!”

“Proofing the materials was the highlight of my weekend. The copy is phenomenal! It is so much better than copy we’ve seen before from other vendors. It sounds like it came from us. Kudos to the copywriter! This tone is so different from our previous vendor. The other vendors say apply now or I’m going to take a bat to your knees.”

“I love the email templates. Your team did a great job. I can’t wait for the launch.”

“Hooray! Great meeting today – you guys are so helpful. I always feel like I am talking with friends.”

“I’m so pleased with what you and your team have done to support us (and put up with me!) along the way. You’ve helped us to strategically think through our work in very thoughtful ways but have also executed in a timely and responsive manner. I truly feel you all have had a vested interest in our success from day 1. I know we are doing things outside the norm, but feel good we are learning a lot along the way. You all have enabled us to not stick to one direction, but take in new information at each step and adjust our strategy along the way. This is critical for us and you have done it with great support.”

“Thanks so much for your wonderful work …”

“I LOVED the copy that Greg wrote for our senior search project. I want to commend Greg for a fine piece of writing!”


“You and your team have worked tirelessly to make this launch happen for us. We aren’t finished just yet, but we have covered a lot of ground in a very short period of time to get to this important point in the Search process. Due to your good organizational skills (and task lists!) we’ve done great work together. We are very grateful and look forward to our continued work together.”

“Fire Engine RED is the best of three (vendors) that are part of the regular search discussion in higher ed.”

“I am pleased to let you know that we have decided to use Fire Engine RED for our Sophomore/Junior Search. I hope this isn’t too late notice. I know your reputation for outstanding service precedes you, so hopefully there’s still room!”

“What an AWESOME meeting!”

“THANKS again for a great week in working together so hard to launch our new initiatives with FER!”

“I am very happy with the current response numbers! Again, thanks so much for your patience and excellent work. I am really pleased with the results!”

“Doggone! This looks good!”

“You are amazing!!!”

“We’re thrilled with our application and are currently ahead of apps from last year overall.”

“Hey, thanks to RED we are full!”

“Exceptionally pleased – the results are amazing, and it’s hard not to be elated.”

“Thanks to you and the entire Fire Engine RED team with this project. We are all very impressed with what you have been able to put together in a relatively short amount of time.”

“Thanks for the info. Just FYI — these reports are some of the clearest reports I’ve ever seen from a vendor.”

“Thank you! This is amazing!”

“A belated thanks – for both the update and the work of the entire Fire Engine RED team. I’m very excited to build on this year’s successes!”

“WOOOHOOO! Thank you for all the hard work, everyone! And the patience :)”

“That is great news. We’ve received several responses. Thanks again for YOUR hard work.”

“Wow. Thank you very much. Another reason why our partnership for this year was the best decision ever!”

“I really appreciate how you worked so hard to help add in the new juniors. It really showed your commitment to us.”

“The team [has] been amazing on the search and application projects. We are already seeing big results from the new app (the completion rate is way up) and our response rate on the 1st round of senior search was a lot higher than I expected. So, kudos!”

“Please share with the team our appreciation for your work with us on the projects this year. From the quick turnaround time over the summer to the ongoing tweaking, additional efforts, responding to our concerns aggressively, and generally being so easy to work with, you all have been a pleasure and great partners in these campaigns. Thank you very much for everything you have done and all the considerations you have extended!”

“Some other firms that we have worked with have tried to do this, but yours is exactly what I envision for what we should be putting out there.”

“I have been very pleased with what Fire Engine Red has done for us. It has been a good move for us to switch companies for student search services. Your reports are very detailed and regular. We also get constant follow up from those on your team assigned to our project.”

“We continue to be very impressed with the great work you’re doing. Thanks for the excellent work you’ve been doing for us!!” 

“I have finally reviewed everything. I love it! It’s great and will make a big difference. You guys are awesome.” 

“Our campaign is rock’n the house!” 

“We trust you. We trust your expertise. We need your higher ed expertise.”

“I was equally excited as you were. This is great news!”

“First … wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever had a vendor offer to contact students directly to help us resolve a situation like this. I’m tempted to forward your email to a couple of them as an example of what good service looks like … chalk it up as another reason that I love Fire Engine RED”

“For us, it has been a kickin’ year that doesn’t seem to have an end date. … Thanks, in part, to you and your team we have surpassed last year and are likely to be near our crazy goal for this year.”

“Just the thought of you has charmed the system back into working. Thank you.”

“Jason, you are a total rock star!!! I will look it over more closely tomorrow but my first reaction is this is amazing!”

“Just FYI, Mark is an FTP super-genius!”

“You and Jason gave us every picky detail on our wish list! Thank you! We will all be using the ‘front’ side of Fire Engine RED now and the link will be posted on the web site this week. You have been so patient with us. I cannot thank you enough. It has been such a great learning experience. And now we have this amazing tool for booking appointments. Our visitors will love it. You’re the best!”

“You have provided excellent customer service through [your] Extinguisher product, so give yourselves a pat on the back.”

“Thank you! I really, really appreciate it! You guys have been amazing.”

“I want to pass on some praise for one of your employees. Some time ago, the administration moved to a new software platform that created a situation where we no longer needed the services of Fire Engine RED to distribute email messages. We had been using your service as it allowed us to send and track HTML email messages due to the lack of such functionality in [other company]. As we prepared to close our account, I was endeavoring to get copies of all our previous emails to compile a historical record should we ever need to look back at what was sent. Enter Jason Bray. He went above and beyond to help me obtain those emails and responded promptly to any request that I had for him. An outstanding employee! Thank you for all the help and best wishes to you and the Fire Engine RED team!”

“It’s terrific. Thank you for outstanding service.”

“YAY!!!! Thanks as always Mark. Getting your help twice in 2 days, must be my lucky week!”

“Mark, you saved my life!”

“I sincerely appreciate your feedback an attention to my, albeit undue, anxieties. Thank you. I work in IT sales and have several high-profile Fortune 500 companies that I support directly. In my current position, I often have to push my inside reps to provide a level of support to our clients that is above and beyond that which might be expected. I want to thank you for your quick and thoughtful responses. Please pass my thanks along to your superiors. I am just a stressed-out graduate applicant, and you provided me with the world-class support that my clients have to pay for.”

“I forgot to say I appreciate you thinking of me … every Fire Engine RED person I’ve ever worked with ROCKS! And some even choose to live on rocks. In CO and WY.”

“Where do I begin? AWESOME!, AWESOME!, AWESOME!”

“I wanted to take a quick moment to thank the staff and technical support at Fire Engine RED. The Office of Admissions needed to send out a time-sensitive email this afternoon which happened to coincide with a related correspondence being sent out by another department on campus. It was imperative that both of our departments submitted this information at the same time. We were worried it would not happen due to the issue of our contacts not being imported into Extinguisher. We’ve rarely had an issue (if at all) with Extinguisher and the one time we hit a snag, it could not have happened at a worse time. However, the support at Fire Engine RED was quick, reassuring, and very professional. We could not have been more pleased with your service. Thank you so much for the support and urgency in which you handled our issue. Past experiences with other vendors had me expecting a day or two response [time] for such an issue. Fire Engine RED really stands out among other services that are available! Once again, thank you!”

“Another awesome support team member. Knocked out my question and taught me a few more things.”

“Mark was a fantastic help. What an asset he is to the support team.”

“You are a GENIUS! Thanks Mark, as always.”

“Hearing that yours is a company that recognizes excellence in customer service is music to my ears. I was delighted to hear that this feedback was helpful to you and made the rounds within FER as well. It’s too bad that those of us in management don’t get to send those kinds of emails as much as the other, negative kinds!”

“Awesome, thank you again! You guys have excellent customer service.”

“Y’all are great. I always get excellent service from y’all. If you ever need a referral, let me know.”

“Thank you so much for your exceptionally quick response.”

“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.”

“You are quick! Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful response.”

“Perfect information! Thanks for your help.”

“Extremely helpful as always!!!”

“That is awesome! Thanks so much for your help!! Thanks to support, too, for their prompt assistance!”

“Thanks so much for following up. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the great customer service that we received from you all at Fire Engine RED!”

“Great, thank you, I always appreciate the speedy service.”

“Wonderful, thank you for your quick response.”

“Just wanted you to know that Jason was VERY helpful to me yesterday! I sincerely appreciate his responsiveness.”

“Thanks so much, David! This feature is very nice and exactly what we’ve needed for a long time! The graphic is really helpful well. Kudos to everybody!”

“Fire Engine RED’s customer service NEVER fails. You guys are the best at it!”

“You are the best, Robert. Thanks.”

“You were a lifesaver. Thank you so much for your prompt reply and quick action.”

“I just wanted you to know that [university] reached out to me for a reference. I, of course, gave a glowing recommendation and spoke at length about Fire Engine RED’s amazing support and customer service.”

“I wanted to thank Jason so very much for handling my application inquiries. He was very thorough, professional and most importantly, helpful in resolving my issues.”

“You did an awesome job and I am very happy with our new form and payment process!! So easy!! I think it will work really well and save us all a lot of time.”

“I wanted to send you an email regarding my customer service experience with a member of your staff. Last week, I deployed my first email through Fire Engine RED, and encountered many issues/had many questions. The customer service was excellent, and he was extremely prompt and helpful with all of his assistance and feedback. Just thought you should know that your employee did a wonderful job.”

“You are awesome!!! Thank you!”

“Robert, you are a life-saver. Thank you.”

“I was so very happy with the help provided to me last week (may have even been the week before!). They were extremely patient and so very nice. They took their time explaining my issue and how to fix and I actually got it!! Just wanted to let you know how helpful they were!! Thanks!”

“David is fantastic – thanks for the quick fix!”

“Wow, this is great! I got it. Again, I appreciate all of your help. Have a good day.”

“I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for such a quick response.”

“Your team is comprised of superheroes.”

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“That works perfectly! Once again, thanks for your great customer service.”

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“Thank you for saving Commencement. We are very grateful.”

“Have I mentioned what great customer service y’all have?”

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“We’re very excited to begin using our online application, and I just want to extend a special thanks to Laura for helping us through the process. She’s been incredibly patient, thorough, flexible, and all around WONDERFUL. This could have and would have been a much more difficult process for me if it wasn’t for her guidance, understanding, and patience.”

“You are a prince among men.”

“You have been unbelievably helpful. Everything I heard was correct, you guys are the best there is! Your support is UNMATCHED. Your company still blows my mind. THANK YOU for having the vision to create it.”

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“You all are wonderful!”

“Thanks for your help – and the great chat!”

“Thanks for working through this issue with us and for the solution that you have provided us. We feel like guilty partners in this debacle and take some of the burden of the error. We truly appreciate the level of responsibility you have taken in the situation which solidifies our already unwavering working relationship.”

“Impressive with the turnaround time on your response.”

“Your customer service is outstanding. They very much appreciated the coaching and assistance to make their implementation seamless.”

“Today feels a lot more like Christmas than Thanksgiving!”

“I’ve been deeply impressed and grateful for the quick, professional and effective responses I always get from the FER team. I appreciate you all.”

“You are too good to me! Thank you!! It works.”

“Thank you one MILLION times over! I really appreciate your help!”

“You are the wizard! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I also understand that I was wrong in my labeling me a Fireman. I see you call your fans REDheads which is a little more clever, so count me in as a REDhead!”

“Well, all my best to you as you get through this next period of craziness. Thanks for taking time out to respond to my email!”

“We’ve been so impressed with your company’s professionalism and I’ve certainly enjoyed working with Laura.”

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