About Us

Fire Engine RED is an innovative technology, marketing, data services, and enrollment consulting company that’s served the education market since 2001. We’re named after our CEO’s favorite color!

We offer Admissions CRM, Student Search, Data Services, Enrollment Consulting, and Software Products.

We work with more than 300 clients.

What makes Fire Engine RED a “simply better” company?

We put our clients first, not profits.
Fire Engine RED is a privately owned company, which allows us to focus on our clients’ success and put their interests first. In contrast, many of our competitors are publicly traded or owned by private equity firms, and must put investors first. Sure, we want to make money, but we do so by focusing on getting our clients results. And, we’re not for sale.

We’ve attracted top talent.
Our team includes a unique combination of highly respected admissions professionals, as well as top creative/technology professionals from world-class companies such as Apple®, Disney®, eBay®, Intuit®, and Sapient Razorfish®. How? As a virtual company, we’re able to attract the very best wherever they live.

We’re delivering a powerful, consumer-like software experience in CRM.
Fireworks is simple, easy to use, and built for mobile using responsive design. It’s the first admissions CRM that provides a consumer-software-like user experience. It was created from the ground up for admissions professionals, by admissions professionals. And, it uses admissions terminology, so everything will look familiar and make sense from the start.

We get great results for our Student Search clients.
We’re the best in Student Search because of the results we get for our clients: by boosting yield and delivering exceptional ROI. Here’s an example: for the 2017-2018 Search cycle, our Senior Search clients achieved 12 to 72 times their investment (on newly purchased names) in net revenue.

We’ve remained laser-focused on client care.
We surprise and delight our software/CRM clients by providing “knock-your-(RED)-socks-off” client care. We’re available to our clients – AND to the students they serve – 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday. And even during off-hours, we monitor our support queue so we can respond promptly to urgent requests.