Student Search

At Fire Engine RED, our Student Search offering gets results.

For example, in the 2017-2018 Search cycle, our team delivered exceptional ROI for our Senior Search clients: 12 to 72 times their investment in net revenue.

So whether you want to boost enrollment, enter new markets, increase your tuition revenue, and/or shape your class, we can help you get great results.

See examples of our high-impact creative.

Put our strategic expertise to work.

Our team of Student Search strategists is comprised of these experienced professionals:

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Executive Vice President of Search Services

Previously Director, Student Search Services at The College Board.

Jeff McLaughlin

Jeff McLaughlin

Executive Vice President of Enrollment Data, Strategy & Analytics

Previously Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at St. Olaf College.

Bill Preble (Ed.D.)

Bill Preble (Ed.D.)

Vice President for Enrollment Strategies & Solutions

Previously Executive Director, Enrollment Management at Vanderbilt University.

Mandy Nagel

Mandy Nagel

Creative Director, Design & Innovation

Previously Digital Designer at Apple.

Alexa Poulin

Alexa Poulin

Executive Vice President of Marketing & Digital Operations

Our digital partner, Carnegie Dartlet.

What’s more, our data scientists and project managers are the best in the business; plus, they’ve all worked in admissions prior to joining us. And, our writers and designers have worked for world-class brands, such as Apple®, Disney®, eBay®, Intuit®, and Sapient Razorfish®.

What sets us apart.

We’ve become the best in Student Search by working harder, smarter, and faster than anyone else in the industry. We continually hone our talents and abilities by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in Student Search. Here are a few examples of what sets us apart …

We increase client yield.
We boost yield for our Student Search clients. For example, we recently helped one of our clients realize a 20% year-over-year increase in yield from their previous vendor.

You collaborate with our team of senior strategists.
Our senior leadership team of admissions, enrollment, data, and creative strategists is the most talented in the industry, and they’ll consult and collaborate directly with you.

You work with the best project managers.
Our project managers are attentive, proactive, and responsive … they’re up to date on Search best practices and trends … they pay meticulous attention to every detail … and they make sure you get all the data and reporting you need.

We build Predictive Models using unique data sources.
We’re the ONLY Student Search provider that can build you a powerful Predictive Model using the most educationally relevant data in existence. Learn more about our Predictive Models.

We provide better engagement reports.
We pioneered the concept of engagement levels, and we provide easy-to-understand Engagement Reports with actionable data you can use immediately. We believe all “responses” are not created equal – that’s why we tell the degree to which each student interacted with your campaign.

We deliver high-impact, branded creative.
Our designers and copywriters produce modern, eye-catching, beautifully crafted creative that builds on your unique brand and gets students to engage with your school.

We’re all-in on mobile.
We know that approximately 65% of the students who view our clients’ Search campaigns do so on a mobile device. So we use Responsive Design to ensure email messages, landing pages, web forms, and applications work well on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

We’ve partnered with the leader in digital.
Through our partnership with Carnegie Dartlet, we’re able to provide a full host of digital strategies and services … all of which will help our Search clients broaden their outreach and maximize their return on investment.

List purchasing using Persona IDs.

Our targeted list purchasing strategy is the most robust in the industry. We create Persona IDs for students who have historically been most likely to apply and enroll … and who will help your school meet its strategic goals.


How it works:

We start with your historical data, including past Student Search list purchases, inquiry, applicant, financial aid and enrollment data. But we don’t stop there: we also ask you for other types of valuable data, such as your travel history, alumni concentration, counselor relationships, and more.

Next, we review and evaluate your current funnel, clean and prepare your data for analysis, and tag your data with geographic attributes (as well as with our own proprietary data). Then, we analyze your data and build Persona IDs that are unique to your school.

Before purchasing student names, we work with you to ensure our list strategy meets your goals – and make any necessary trade-offs and adjustments.


Recorded Webinar

Watch our valuable, 45-minute recorded webinar, “Comparing the Industry’s Top 3 Student Search List Strategies.”

Get more creative with your creative.


Could your school benefit from more powerful Search creative?
Check out what we did for our Student Search partner, Seattle University.

In partnership with Carnegie Dartlet …

Fire Engine RED has teamed up with Carnegie Dartlet to provide powerful digital marketing services to our Student Search clients, including IP Targeting, Retargeting, Social Media Marketing, and Geofencing.

See our Digital Marketing page on how our partnership with Carnegie Dartlet can benefit you and your school.

Real-time data, custom exports, and engagement reports.

Data when you need it.
We use 30 to 50 data fields to track campaign performance. You can review and export your web form, application, and print submissions 24/7. Plus, access your email campaign results – including opens, click-thrus, and unsubscribes – anytime. You can also see the percentage of students who viewed your email on a mobile device; a breakdown of which device they used; and a heat map of where they clicked.

Custom exports.
Our custom export utility lets you import your campaign data into your admissions system with ease. (Web form and application submissions are available in fixed-width or CSV format; email campaign activity is available in CSV format.)

Engagement reports.
Twice a month, we’ll provide you with custom reports that tell you the degree to which each student interacted with your campaign. Qualify your Search results, and determine how you’ll follow up, using these reports:

  • Engagement level by list source.
  • Engagement level by segmentation category.
  • Gender, region, ethnicity, etc.
  • Email campaign statistics.
  • Deliverability, opens, click-thrus, etc.
  • Year-over-year comparison.
  • Performance vs. peers.

Our analytics experts meet with you frequently to discuss your campaign results, and help you interpret your data. Custom analyses are available on request.

Value-added campaigns.

Parent campaign.
We can create a personalized email or print campaign for the parents or guardians of your Search responders. We’ve seen parent engagement levels as high as 72%!

Responder campaign.
We can send a special communications flow to students who submit your web form, business reply form, or application. Our responder campaigns are delivering fantastic value, with engagement levels as high as 75%!

Year-round Search.
We can add “fresh” names – and specialized populations – to your communications flow, which will help you grow and diversify your class. As new names become available, we’ll take care of the list purchases, too.

Compare Student Search vendors easily.

Choosing a Search vendor is easier when you know the right questions to ask – and why you should ask them. That’s why we’ve put together a complete list of questions you should ask every potential Search provider.