Remote Admissions Resources

Remote Admissions Resources

Here’s something you may not know about Fire Engine RED …

We were one of the first fully remote companies in the U.S. and have been operating 100% remotely since Shelly J. Spiegel, our CEO and Chief Creative Officer, founded the company in 2001.

After working remotely for 19+ years, we know what works and are excited to share our remote resources with you!

How to Lead a Remote Team

A webinar for admissions and enrollment leaders

Presented by:
Shelly J. Spiegel

During this webinar, Shelly will:
Provide you with perspective on what you’re being asked to do as a leader.
Discuss the four essential tools you’ll need to lead your remote team.
Share practical tips on how to lead from a distance.

Remote Admissions Resources

Virtual Possibility

Virtual Possibility: The Book
In October 2019, Shelly published Virtual Possibility: How to set up, lead, and manage your own successful all-remote company, the first how-to book on leading a fully remote company. Although the book was originally written for entrepreneurs, many of the chapters, in particular those on tools, leadership, culture, on-boarding new hires, and productivity, transfer well to the admissions world.

Virtual Possibility: The Website
As a supplement to the book, we’ve also created the Virtual Possibility website. There, you’ll find additional remote resources:

List of 400+ Fully Remote Companies
Have you ever wondered how many companies are fully remote? So has Fire Engine RED! That’s why we decided to compile the first-ever list of fully remote companies.

Remote Admissions Resources

Schedule 1:1 Call with Shelly

Admissions and enrollment leaders: Shelly is happy to discuss your remote work challenges and share her expertise with you (at no cost). Schedule a call with Shelly today. You can also follow her on Twitter.