Predictive Modeling

Looking to maximize your Student Search ROI? We strongly recommend using our Predictive Modeling and Inquiry Scoring services.

Unrivaled data expertise.

Our all-star team of data professionals has a wealth of admissions experience … and is led by a seasoned enrollment strategist:

Jeff McLaughlin

Jeff McLaughlin

Executive Vice President of Enrollment Data, Strategy & Analytics

Previously Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at St. Olaf College.

Benefits of using Predictive Modeling for Student Search.

Helps you achieve multiple strategic goals
The best way for you to achieve multiple strategic goals at once is through the use of Predictive Modeling. For example, your goals could include:

  • Increasing enrollment
  • Increasing tuition revenue
  • Boosting your academic profile
  • Entering new markets more efficiently

Saves you money
In addition, Predictive Modeling can save your school money, by helping you:

  • Purchase only the names of students who are most likely to apply and enroll
  • Determine which students should receive additional communications, such as print and digital advertising
  • Segment student populations more effectively

What sets our predictive models for Search apart?

Our predictive models are getting great results for our Search clients. Here’s how:

We focus on applications and enrollment. We start with the end in mind: enrollment. That means we identify students who are most likely to apply and enroll, not just inquire.

We create a custom model for each of your goals. What’s predictive for other institutions may not be predictive for yours.

We build distinct models for each of your goals. Similarly, what’s predictive for one goal (increase enrollment) may not be for others (boost revenue and enter new markets).

We tap into unique data sources. In addition to your historical data, commercially available data, and our own proprietary data, we’re able to tap into Segment Analysis Service™, which:

  • Is a geodemographic service provided by the College Board … Segment Analysis Service data can be applied to ALL of your sources, including ACT, CBSS, non-responders, NRCCUA, and your inquiry pool
  • Enables us to tag your data with 150+ unique educationally relevant academic, social and economic factors that predict where students choose to go to college
  • Helps us make our models more predictive and informative

Case Study

Here’s an example of a big win from last Search cycle:

For one client, we purchased 29.8% fewer names year over year. Although it resulted in 24.3% fewer inquiries, it also resulted in:

  • 10.3% more applications
  • 16% more admitted students
  • 10.5% more enrolled students
  • A return of 52 times on their first-year Search investment in net revenue

We also saved our client a total of $155,478, simply by NOT purchasing the names of, or marketing to, students who were unlikely to apply and enroll at their school.

Inquiry Scoring

At the point of inquiry, we can build a predictive model to accurately predict, tag, and rank an individual student’s likelihood of applying to your institution.

Inquiry Scoring can help you:

  • Plan more effectively: The sooner you can figure out who’s going to apply, the better.
  • Save money: Reduce your recruitment costs by sending print pieces only to those students who are most likely to apply.
  • Target particular students: Identify less likely but highly desirable students (in terms of academic influence, diversity, affluence, etc.) and then reallocate resources (staff, travel, etc.) to focus on them.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your inquiry sources: Quantify the relative value of each inquiry source.


Case Study

Here’s an example of how Inquiry Scoring helped one of our clients plan more effectively:

97.4% of applicants came from the top 40% of inquiries, enabling our client to:

  • Know if an individual student would apply (at the time the student inquired)
  • Save money on print mailings by spending more strategically

Financial Aid Optimization

Fire Engine RED has teamed up with Maguire Associates to provide our clients with Financial Aid Optimization.

See our Financial Aid Optimization page on how our partnership with Maguire Associates can benefit you and your school.