Strategic Partners

To provide our Student Search clients with the most comprehensive and impactful recruitment and enrollment services possible, we’ve partnered with two leaders in the education market: Maguire Associates and Carnegie Communications.

Maguire Associates.

Fire Engine RED has teamed up with Maguire Associates, a research-based consulting firm that has served the education market for 30+ years, to provide our clients with modeling expertise that extends beyond Student Search to:

Together, we’ll start with the “end” in mind, by taking a holistic view of your recruitment and enrollment process, including list purchasing, Search outreach, inquiry scoring, financial aid modeling, and retention strategies.

From there, we’ll combine the strengths of both companies to:


Carnegie Communications.

Fire Engine RED has partnered with Carnegie Communications, which has been at the forefront of integrated, response-driven enrollment marketing and recruitment for 30+ years. Together, we’ll provide powerful digital marketing services to our Student Search clients; these include IP Targeting, Retargeting, Social Media Marketing, and Geofencing.

Our combined team of enrollment, recruiting, data, marketing, digital, and creative strategists will help you reach your goals by:


Let’s work together.

Find out how Fire Engine RED – together with our partners, Maguire Associates and Carnegie Communications – can help your school reach its recruitment and enrollment goals.