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RED Ladder

RED Ladder is a creative, marketing, and digital agency, formed to help your school increase student engagement, reach new markets, build awareness for programs, and more.


Creative and marketing services.

RED Ladder designs and produces:

Digital strategies and services.

Our digital marketing services are offered in partnership with Carnegie Communications, the market leader in digital services for higher education.

Our combined team of enrollment, marketing, recruiting, digital, and data strategists will work together to create a digital marketing plan for you … which could include any of the following:

IP Targeting.
Use it to: Market your school (or a particular program) to your most-desired students and their families.

How it works: We’ll match these students’ mailing addresses to their IP addresses … and deliver targeted display ads to all of the electronic devices used in their homes.

Social Media Marketing.
Use it to: Build brand awareness, increase your Facebook and Instagram followers, and encourage students to engage with your page and posts.

How it works: We’ll place display ads in the Facebook and Instagram News Feeds of targeted students; your ads will blend in with updates from friends and family.


Use it to: Continue engagement with students who have visited your website.

How it works: Visitors will be electronically “tagged” on specific pages of your website, and then targeted on other websites they visit, where they’ll be shown display ads for your school.

Use it to: Reach specific audiences based on a location, such as a local high school or a community college.

How it works: We’ll draw a virtual perimeter around key locations (also known as “mobile location-based targeting”) to reach specific students on their mobile devices. (To date, Carnegie has mapped every high school and community college in the U.S., and have pre-built audiences ready for you to target.)

Display Outreach.
Use it to: Build awareness for your school and drive prospective students to your website to take further action; expand your outreach beyond your Search list.

How it works: We’ll use Carnegie’s customized networks of websites, as well as behavioral targeting and keyword targeting, to ensure your ads are being displayed to prospective students as they visit top sites around the web.


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