Fireworks CRM

Fireworks CRM

They said it couldn’t be done … but we’re doing it! We’re disrupting the status quo – and bringing real innovation to the admissions market – with the first-ever admissions CRM to provide users with a consumer-like experience.

We’ve made the complex admissions process dramatically simpler to manage. And, in the process, we’ve revolutionized the whole idea of what an admissions CRM should be.

Introducing Fireworks. There’s nothing quite like it!

If you’re an admissions professional at a four-year college, two-year college, community college, graduate school, law school, or independent school – Fireworks is for you.


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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs


Where admissions meets Silicon Valley.

Fireworks is led by Jim Slavin, our EVP of Enrollment Software, who previously headed up Recruitment PLUS, and Dana DeLaurentis, our EVP of Innovation, formerly of Apple. They’ve built a team that rivals the best in Silicon Valley.

Only at Fire Engine RED will you find a team of experts – who have worked in admissions at every level – partnering side-by-side with development all-stars who’ve worked with some of the best technology brands in the world.

Simply Different … by design.

You won’t struggle to get your team to adopt Fireworks – they’ll want to. Why? Fireworks provides a simple, intuitive user experience that helps them be more productive. Yes, other companies make the same claim, but take one look at Fireworks, and you’ll see it’s the real deal.

Built specifically for admissions.
Fireworks was built from the ground up for admissions professionals, by admissions professionals. And, it uses admissions terminology, so everything will look familiar and make sense from the start.

What Fireworks is NOT: a re-branded solution originally designed for Corporate America (think Salesforce®/Microsoft Dynamics®/Zoho), and then jerry-rigged for admissions.


Made to recruit, measure, and more.
Fireworks was created to help you recruit prospective students and measure your return on investment. It tracks the way your school has interacted with a particular student or organization – such as “sent email,” “participated in chat,” “campus visit,” and so forth – allowing you to measure the effectiveness of each interaction.

In addition, Fireworks excels at helping you build relationships with all of the people (parents, counselors, alumni volunteers, coaches) and organizations (high schools, community-based organizations, churches) that help you enroll your class. You’ll even be able to determine the value of each relationship, so you can focus on the people, organizations, and places that matter most.

Created to work the way you do.
Over a third of our team members worked in higher education before joining Fire Engine RED, so we understand the reality of the admissions office. For example, we know that different users in your admissions office should have different levels of access. That’s why Fireworks’ permissions are granular and enable you to customize the experience for each of your users (administrator, counselor, student worker, and others).

And because we know that you’ll likely need to track data that’s unique to your school, Fireworks will enable you to create unlimited custom fields and custom values, rather than having to force your data into an inflexible data structure.


Fireworks is lightning-fast – screens load in milliseconds – allowing you to do more in less time. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can get your job done.

Modern and built to last.
Fireworks is also future-friendly, scalable, and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of tomorrow. It uses tools, coding languages, and software engines that power cutting-edge technology companies, such as Netflix, Etsy, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram, and more.

Designed for mobility.
Because you’re frequently on the go, Fireworks was created as “Software as a Service (SaaS),” so it’s available to you when you’re traveling. Fireworks is responsively designed, which means it dynamically adapts to the smartphone, tablet, or computer on which it’s used; this makes it easier for you to work while you’re on the road. Important: A “mobile-optimized” CRM is not nearly as effective as a responsively designed CRM.

Designed for accessibility.
Fireworks complies with Section 508 Color Contrast Guidelines and is therefore accessible to people with low vision, corrective lenses, and color blindness. But we don’t make Fireworks accessible because we’re required to. We do it because it’s simply the right thing to do.


Available to anyone and everyone.
Once you get a look at Fireworks, you’re going to want everyone on your team to use it. While other companies charge you per user, Fireworks comes complete with unlimited seat licenses at no extra cost. So, the more, the merrier!


Implemented by admissions experts …
Fire Engine RED’s implementation specialists are admissions professionals who are well-versed in software project management. It takes just 16 weeks (on average) to implement Fireworks; we do all the heavy lifting, and provide consultative as well as technical expertise along the way.

… and backed by “knock-your-RED-socks-off” client care.
We offer the best client care in the market (check out what our clients say), including unlimited training and support at no additional cost.

Client care is available to everyone in your department, as well as the students they serve, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday. And during off-hours, we monitor our support queue so we can respond promptly to urgent requests.

What’s next?

It’s simple: schedule a demo of Fireworks – version 1.5 launches in January 2016, with new features and functionality. Let the revolution begin!


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