Fireworks CRM

Fireworks CRM

Fireworks was created for admissions professionals at four-year, two-year, and community colleges, as well as graduate, law, and independent schools. It’s the first admissions CRM to provide a consumer-like user experience.

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs


Getting to Fireworks.

Three years ago, we set out to build an admissions CRM.

At the time, there were nearly 20 CRM solutions on the market – but our clients told us they wanted something different.

So we started down the road to CRM, but something didn’t feel right. So we stopped and re-focused on making a simpler, more user-friendly product.

But, something still wasn’t right. It fell short of our vision. So we stopped again.

This time, we did something radical. We scrapped it all – the design and the code. We brought in new leadership. And we started again.

This time – we created Fireworks.


Simply Different … by design.

Leadership: simply the best.


Jim Slavin.
Jim Slavin is our Executive Vice President of Enrollment Software. Prior to joining Fire Engine RED, Jim was the Director of Admission and Enrollment Software Services on the highly regarded Recruitment PLUS product. No one knows admissions CRM better than Jim!



Dana DeLaurentis.
Dana DeLaurentis is our Executive Vice President of Design & Innovation. An Apple, Inc. alumna, she spent three years at LEVEL Studios. There, she led a team of 45 in creating software products and marketing campaigns on behalf of Apple.



John LaCroix.
John LaCroix is our Creative Director, responsible for the Fireworks user experience. In his previous position, as Group Creative Director at Rosetta and LEVEL Studios, he led innovation for dozens of global technology giants.


What Fireworks CRM is.

Driven by a unique CRM philosophy.
The admissions/education market has been desperately underserved in terms of well-designed, people-focused technology. With Fireworks, your admissions staffers will be more productive, more energized, and plain happier at work.

Made for, and by, admissions professionals.
Over a third of our team members have worked in higher education, and Fireworks is designed to work with admissions-related data. It’s not a re-branded Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics/Zoho “solution,” nor does it require dedicated IT resources and weeks of training.

Built on modern technology.
Fireworks uses software engines and coding languages that power giants like, Netflix, The New York Times (, Pinterest, TicketMaster, Twitter, and Zappos. Our Global Search is fast and powerful – and provides a Google®-like experience.

Built to import/export data cleanly and efficiently.
Fireworks can automatically convert data so it’s ready to import smoothly. And it can scrub your data so it’s ready to export into your SIS, ERP, financial aid, or other systems. All with no hands-on data manipulation.

Streamlined and scalable.
Your time is valuable; Fireworks CRM is lightning-fast and future-friendly – built for today, yet flexible enough to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Designed for mobility …
Readily available to traveling staff members, Fireworks is responsively designed, meaning it dynamically adapts to the smartphone, tablet, or computer on which it’s used.

… and for accessibility.
Fireworks CRM uses HTML5 semantic code, and Section 508 Color Contrast Guidelines to provide for people with low vision, corrective lenses, and color blindness.

Implemented by experts.
Fire Engine RED’s implementers are former admissions professionals, who are well-versed in effective software project management methodologies.

Backed by “knock-your-RED-socks-off” Client Care.
We provide unlimited training and support at no additional cost. Our Client Care Team is available to our clients – AND to the students they serve – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern, Monday through Friday. And during off-hours, we monitor our support queue so we can respond promptly to urgent requests.