Financial Aid Optimization

Fire Engine RED has teamed up with Maguire Associates, a research-based consulting firm that has served the education market for 30+ years, to provide our clients with Financial Aid Optimization.
Financial Aid Optimization can help you meet your enrollment goals, boost the academic credentials of your class, increase net revenue, and support retention.

What sets Maguire Associates apart?

In 2016, schools who used Maguire Associates for Financial Aid Optimization saw an average return of 21 times their investment in net revenue.

Individualized Awarding.
Maguire Associates is the only firm specializing in Financial Aid Optimization that determines optimal awards on a per-student basis.

Matrix-based Awarding.
Maguire Associates develops awarding matrices using their proprietary algorithm. The matrices vary in size and complexity, and are completely customized to each institution’s unique needs.

Maguire Associates can help you:


How you’ll benefit from our partnership with Maguire Associates.

Our partnership with Maguire Associates enables us to create a better-informed, and more efficient, list purchasing strategy. How do we do it? By starting with the “end in mind.” In other words, by understanding your financial goals, we can help you shape your class to optimize your net tuition revenue right out of the gate.


Let’s work together.

Find out how Fire Engine RED and Maguire Associates can help you use Financial Aid Optimization to reach your enrollment goals.